Where to Find a Firsthand Cheap Elliptical Machine

It is everyone's fondest wish to find a cheap and reliable piece of machinery that, even if it won't live too long, will still be extremely useful. And while it is easy to find things that are cheap, finding things that are cheap and good quality is a lot harder. People who value cheap items above reliable ones usually get what they pay for; something that doesn't live through the year. This is twice as true for machines that are used a lot - a cheap elliptical machine will never last as long as you would want it to, if it's been used previously.

Finding a firsthand cheap elliptical machine that is also of good quality is not impossible, however. Several companies are now selling elliptical trainers below $1000 and of very good quality that will last for a long time. An example of such a company is Weslo. Weslo is currently selling three elliptical trainers that are rumored to be durable and have affordable prices. Understandably, there are few features compared to higher-end machines, but these cheap devices are perfectly functional and sure to be a great help to your exercise regime.

The first model is the Weslo Momentum 745 Elliptical at $699. It provides a low-impact workout and adjustable resistance. The stride length is 17.5 inches and it has four personal trainer programs built in. It also has an LCD monitor and a heart rate monitor to help you keep track of your progress.

The second is the Weslo Momentum 610 Elliptical at $179, which is a very good price for a new machine. This too has adjustable resistance and a heart rate monitor. It also has a feature known as Step-Thru design which makes getting on and off the machine much easier.

The third model is the best example of a cheap elliptical machine from Weslo. At $159, the Weslo Momentum 635 Elliptical has all the features needed to make the workout a good one. A stride length of 18 inches, oversized pedals, an easy way of changing the resistance and four personal trainer workouts designed by a professional; what more could anyone want? These are of course not the only options, but it is a good place to start your search.

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