The Schwinn 428p Elliptical Trainer: The Machine for the Busy and the Active.

The popularity of elliptical exercise has spawned a vast array of products that compete for the attention of busy but active consumers. The need to provide for consumers’ physical fitness needs, without making them give up too much of their time, has spurred exercise equipment manufacturers to come up with products that are easy to use but provide maximum physical fitness benefits. One of these is the Schwinn 428p elliptical trainer. Schwinn is part of the exercise equipment manufacturing company, Nautilus Health and Fitness Group. The company makes treadmills, elliptical machines and other exercise equipment and is the second largest manufacturer of physical fitness supplies. 

In terms of built and functions, the Schwinn 428p elliptical trainer is almost similar to its predecessor, the Schwinn 418. Just like the 418, the 428p model utilizes the front flywheel design. Most ellipticals that are available in the market have rear flywheels, a design feature which users and reviewers consider as the type that requires less maintenance. But despite (or maybe due to) the unorthodox design, Schwinn’s elliptical products have been highly rated by equipment reviewers and users alike. The 428p is priced at around $1,399 and is included in the mid-price range of ellipticals offered by the company. It features a motorized brake, a wireless heartrate control (not found in 418 models) and reverse action. The reverse action feature allows the user to exercise different muscles.

The 428p from Schwinn comes with an articulating footplate that provides ample support for the heel since it follows the natural motion of the foot. It has an 18” stride and offers an average of six programs. The device has a unit weight of 176 lbs and comes with a warranty for its frame and eletronics parts. Most reviewers tout the machine’s easy-to-assemble characteristic, its durable and high-quality parts and the fact that the product is relatively quiet despite the front flywheel design.

The Schwinn trademark carries with it a reputation of making durable and stable exercise machines. Majority of reviewers and users believe that the 428p elliptical machines live up to the company’s reputation and fulfill consumers’ expectations. Overall, the Schwinn 428p elliptical trainer is considered as something that offers good value for consumers’ money.

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