The Vast Commercial Base of Johnson Elliptical Trainer Machines

Johnson Health Tech Co., the maker of Johnson elliptical trainer products, is the biggest fitness equipment manufacturer in Asia. The company manufactures treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and several lines of rehabilitative medical equipment. In the Asian market, the company has enjoyed a strong reputation among consumers and dealers and has received various manufacturing and customer service awards. Worldwide, the firm is ranked fifth in the fitness equipment industry.

Besides Asia, the company also has market bases in the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. The huge commercial market of the company can be attributed to the numerous brands of exercise equipment that it manufactures and distributes. Aside from Johnson elliptical trainer machines, the company also offers ellipticals under the brands Matrix, Vision and Horizon. Most models under these brands target middle market consumers.

The Horizon and Vision brands are more popular in the United States than in Europe and Asia. But in the latter, the Johnson elliptical is quite famous. Models under this brand are very few, unlike the Horizon brand which has several product lines with several models under each line. One of the most popular products under the Johnson brand, particularly in the European market, is the E7000.

Unlike most brands distributed by the company, this particular model is sold to high end consumers. Its regular features include a contact heart rate control, a dot matrix 4 LED display and six workout programs with an additional interactive heart rate program feature. The machine measures 185.4 cm in length, 80 cm in width and has a height of 193 cm. It weighs 168 kg and has a maximum user weight of 28.5 Stones. The product is priced in European markets at £2,499.99.

The E7000 is just one of the models offered under the Johnson brand. This company, particularly in Asia, is considered one of the most prominent manufacturers of physical fitness equipment. The Johnson elliptical trainer product lines are actually more popular in Asian and European markets than in Western countries. In these areas, consumers associate the brand with quality; while in the U.S., the products of this firm are more known for their reasonable prices than for their quality.

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