Ride Your Way to Health with the Healthrider E60 Aire Strider Elliptical Machine

The Healthrider E60 Aire Strider elliptical might not be as popular as other exercise machine brands, but this particular model can still deliver the necessary functions expected from an elliptical machine. The brand is not one of the most recognizable names in the industry, but for those looking for an alternative to the Horizon and Proform brands invading the market, this one might be a reasonable option.

The Healthrider E60 Aire Strider elliptical machine features six Smart and two pulse-driven workouts. All these on top of the usual eight preprogrammed sets of exercise. It also has an AutoRamp, or in layman’s term, an incline that can be adjusted to provide several elliptical stride options. The BioLogic console of this model has 2 LED windows displaying speed, time, revolutions per minute, pulse, resistance and calories burned. The One Touch controls are for changing the incline and resistance level to vary the workout intensity. The product has a water bottle handler and a book rack. But don’t expect a book rack like the ones you can find in libraries or in living rooms. To put it realistically, it’s a place to hold your magazine if you have gotten tired of reading while exercising. It also has a CoolAire workout fan, or in other words, simply a fan.

As one might notice, the features of this machine have attractive names such as AutoRamp, BioLogic and One Touch. But don’t be misled, they are just names for features that can also be found in other machines, albeit in less impressive names. Having said that, the machine does have the necessary features needed for an elliptical to serve its function. And by the way, it is iFit compatible. This only means that the buyer has the option to order additional workout programs online. With additional payment, of course.

The machine measures 58 inches in length, 32 inches in width and has a height of 63 inches. The weight of the machine itself is 193 lbs., although its capacity is 250 lbs. The manufacturer provides curbside delivery service, which we all know by now as delivery in front of your house, not inside it. The manufacturer also stated that it will charge extra for “extraordinary delivery requirements.” It might be advisable to ask first what this phrase means.

One good thing about this product, though, is that the manufacturer has provided detailed instructions on what the customer can do should the delivered machine be damaged in any way. Buyers are offered the option of refusing the delivery or noting the damage to allow for an easier replacement process. How long the replacement process will take, the manufacturer did not say.  

Despite the fact that the Healthrider E60 Aire Strider elliptical offers the same features as other models, this brand can still be worth the consumer’s attention. Who knows, it might be one of those products that has a low-key marketing strategy but provides a high end performance.

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