The Flex CTS Cross Training Exerciser: A Forgotten Machine in an Overcrowded Market

It is highly probable that not a lot of physical fitness enthusiasts have heard of the Flex CTS Cross Training machine. It is one of the obscure types of exercise equipment overshadowed by the more popular brands and big name manufacturers. Lately, there has not been much news as to whether the equipment is still offered commercially. The information about this product can be found mostly in online auction sites, where most owners have decided to sell their Flex machine.

The Flex CTS Cross Training machine is one of the old school types of exercise equipment. Old school in a sense that it doesn’t have the usual magnetic resistance or adjustable incline features. This is because the product is not a typical elliptical exerciser. It is more a muscle flexor than anything. Its main function is to allow the user to perform extensions, pushdowns, pull downs, presses, squats, body curls, sit ups and leg presses.

The vast popularity of elliptical machines, with hundreds of models being offered almost every week, has pushed other exercise equipment out of the market. Even the market for treadmills, previously considered as one of the best innovations in physical fitness, has been overshadowed by the coming of the elliptical technology. The promise of a low impact workout, supported by testimonies from medical experts, has helped ellipticals dominate the physical fitness equipment industry.

Despite the current trend in the physical fitness supplies market, there are still those who would rather do their workouts in the semi-old fashioned way. Flexing, stretching, sit-ups and other traditional muscle toning exercises are still preferred by some individuals. Although the market for equipment catering to more traditional exercises is growing smaller and more limited, it is not yet totally eradicated. And while there are still people who prefer stretching and flexing over elliptical motion exercise, then the market for non-elliptical equipment will remain.

The Flex CTS Cross Training exerciser will probably not be on the top of the list of someone planning to buy an exercise machine. But the product is still good enough when it comes to providing simple physical workout. That is, if you can still find one being sold commercially.

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