Exercise Your Heart--Use the Elliptical Training Machine

Elliptical training is good not just for the heart, but for the muscles as well.

You see a movie on television, and the macho image of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, or Jean-Claude Van Damme lingers in your mind. You give yourself a long, good look in the mirror, turning this way and that, and you don't like what you see. You decide that you want your body to look like that one you just saw on the big screen. Yes, your ample figure needs some trimming; but how could you afford the time off work to jog or run and shed all that unwanted fat? You slump on the sofa and leaf through a magazine on top of the table, and you see an interesting article in there of the elliptical training machine with a good photo of it; and your curiosity is piqued.

It is worth a closer look, indeed. The elliptical training machine, or elliptical trainer, for short, is the more popular exercise machine in the market today. If you'd walk into a gym, you'd see more people sweating it out on that oval trajectory or other older versions of the elliptical trainer than any other exercise machines in there.

Regular use of the elliptical trainer is found to provide cardiovascular workout without exerting much impact on the joints. You see, much impact is put on your joints when you walk or run, and this is even greater when you carry extra weight (yours or some baggage you may be carrying). The harm of repeated impact on your joints accumulates and is deemed to be the cause of many joint ailments or occasional joint injuries. This is why somebody thought of a brilliant way to exercise the heart without risking pain and aggravation to the joints, and came up with the idea of an elliptical training machine. The synchronized up-and-down motion, sometimes simulating an uphill-downhill incline, gives your upper and lower joints the healthy exercise they need--without the impact. Using the trainer regularly gives your heart the needed oxygen and improves blood circulation better than ordinary walking does, since the exercise trains both the upper and the lower parts of your body in a synchronized manner.

These elliptical training machines come in different brands and models, each boasting of a wide range of quality, features and power and, of course, price. Talk to a trainer consultant so you do not go wrong. Do this before you go out to make that serious purchase. List down the questions you want to ask so you will not waste precious time listening to store clerks' sales pitches that are sometimes really irrelevant to your needs. Then you can start realizing all the benefits that elliptical training has to offer.

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