The Benefits of Elliptical Exercise Machines on Older People and Individuals Rehabilitating From Injuries

Ellipticals provide users with numerous advantages with the low impact, cardiovascular workout that they offer. One of the primary benefits of elliptical exercise machines is that they can be used by older people and those rehabilitating from knee or ankle injuries. Ellipticals provide these people with cardiovascular exercise without aggravating existing injuries or further weakening aging bones.

On older people and injury-rehabilitating individuals, the benefits of elliptical machines are numerous. Because the user’s feet remain in contact with the pedals throughout the workout, impact on the back, the knees and other joints is eliminated. Also, the jarring movement that accompanies jogging and running is not present in elliptical exercise. The machines are equipped with adjustable incline, allowing the user to alter the intensity and angle to his liking. Additionally, the smooth, continuous motion provided by these machines prevents the user from suffering the effects of motion reversal.

Research has shown that as people get older, bones become more brittle, particularly the joints. But this doesn’t mean that a person should stop exercising once he or she gets older. On the contrary, the more a person gets older, the more exercise is needed. This is because exercise has been found to help in maintaining bone density. In this regard, the elliptical trainer is the ideal exercise equipment for older people since it can provide a light workout that will not harm the joints. At the same time, these exercise machines are able to provide a cardiovascular activity that can help older people minimize heart problems.

Among people rehabilitating from injuries, this machine is also recommended. For individuals who suffer from ankle, back, knee and other joint injuries, light exercise is needed. It is not advisable for people rehabilitating from injuries to just lie down or sit while recuperating; the absence of activity can harm more than it can help. Lack of physical activity results in bones becoming less flexible and weaker; much like a machine that is rarely used. Bones can get tight and inflexible if they remain inactive for a long time. Rehabilitating individuals would be much better off exercising their bones lightly using an elliptical trainer. The low impact workout can help them recover faster than sitting or lying down. But first, it is important to seek the advice of physicians and physical therapists on what program would be suitable before adopting a set of workout activity.

The benefits of elliptical exercise machines are not only for the young and the healthy. These machines can also benefit older people by keeping their bones healthy; and individuals rehabilitating from injuries, by helping them heal faster and keep their bones healthy and flexible.


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